JVB London receives Faith & Belief Community Award for community work during COVID-19

Jain Vishwa Bharti London received the London Faith & Belief Community Award at Westminster Abbey on Wednesday 23 November for supporting the local community during the COVID-19 pandemic. The Awards highlight the vital work of London’s faith and belief communities by bringing together local heroes and shining a light on their inspirational work.

Volunteers under the guidance of respected Shramnijis from JVB London supported the local community during the COVID-19 lockdown in providing domestic counselling, food distribution, medical advice and other emergency services. Professionals with varied backgrounds such as medicine, engineering, finance, accountancy, pharmacy and other professionals areas worked 24 x 7 with the Shramnijis and the local community to provide help for elderly, disabled, distressed families, people with medical conditions in the boroughs in and around London.

The award is a recognition of the selfless work done by JVB London to promote peace and harmony in the local community as per Jain principles.

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