Our Community

We use practical step by step approach to build the inner strength resulting in a nonviolent, happy, compassionate, and contented life.

Even after appreciating the virtues of Ahimsa, self-restrain and respect for divergent views and practices, masses lack the will power and the discipline to practice them.


  • Gyanshala for kids of different age groups
  • Regular Preksha Meditation training/sessions
  • Weekly Yoga Classes
  • Library with over 3000 books on Jainism
  • Weekly Classes: Stepping into Jainism for Beginners
  • Weekly Classes on Tatvartha Sutra and Bhagavati Sutra
  • Jain Teachers Training Workshops
  • Certificate Course on Jainism : Religion, Life and Philosophy
  • Dissolve the Past & Evolve The Future : Family Camp and Retreat
  • Women Health and well-being
  • Children Yoga and Meditation Classes
  • Various Guest Lectures and workshop
  • Cultural/Community Events