COVID-19 Helpline

Supported by National Lottery Community Fund

JVB London (JVB) has an ongoing program to support local communities during the current COVID-19 pandemic. With support from you and grant from the government, we are enhancing our efforts to further support the community. 

We are helping the local communities in Harrow, Brent and Barnet for their well-being and mental health. We will also provide weekly groceries to some of those in need for the next few months. 

In case you know of someone who genuinely needs help (for example unable to afford their groceries and who are not being supported by other charities), please connect them to us. Please provide their name, age range, contact, nature of help needed and 2 lines describing urgency, if any. If we get more requests for weekly groceries than we can serve, we will choose them in order of urgency. In case of equal priorities, we will use a lottery or our discretion.

We will adhere to our core religious principal of vegetarianism while distributing these grocery packages. We may not be able to cater to any other specific dietary or allergy requirements.

You can call our helpline number +44 20 7550 9108 for more details.

If you know someone who may benefit form this, please submit their details in below and we will reach out.


Terms Apply.