JVB Covid-19 Community Support Programme – Terms and Disclaimer

  1. General:
    1. JVB is procuring and distributing the groceries for the families facing financial hardship during these hard times.
    2. JVB is a charity organisation and this activity is not for profit. This is funded by donations, volunteers and grants.
    3. While utmost care is taken to ensure for quality and timely delivery, JVB does not take any liability for any unexpected and/or adverse results due to this and other activities.
    4. JVB does not guarantee the delivery.
  2. Recipient Criteria
    1. Location: JVB is catering to the families facing hardship in Harrow, Brent and Barnet.
    2. The families or individuals who are not supported by any public funding and who are facing financial crisis.
    3. In case of over subscription, JVB volunteers can pick a recipient on their discretion. Decision will be made based on available information. 
    4. In case you don’t need this support any longer, please let JVB know so that it can be routed to be a family who needs it.
  3. About food package
    1. Allergen info and Used by/Best before dates should be available on the packaging of the food item. Please read the info prior to consuming as JVB will not be liable for any adverse effect.
    2. JVB members follows priciples of non-voilence and hence follow vegetarian and/or vegen diet. The food packages will not have any kind of meat.
  4. Data Privacy
    1. JVB needs to be able to trace the recipients of this add and will record name, address, date of delivery of the food and any other related information. This is to comply with the traceability requirements.
    2. An electronic picture proof of delivery with property/individual may be taken.
    3. This data can be sent to government enforcement agency in accordance to law, if requested by them.
    4. Any personal data will be processed in accordance with the applicable legislation.